About Us

Who we are and what we do!

Video Promo Solutions is part of VPS Media Ltd. and operates in the field of video and photography production for promotional and advertising purposes.

We have a great knowledge of operating in various business sectors, including travel and health care sectors, and we are keen to build a solid client base worldwide.

We offer a wide range of solutions for promotional, advertising and training videos as well as pictures and virtual tours. From Standard Production packages for a very cost effective solution to higher specifications productions should you need higher end productions such as television advertising.

Video Promo Solutions can count on a pool of very talented UK-trained television professionals that have been working for many British broadcasters and production companies that are world-renowned for their very high standards in television production.

Why video?

As the ehotelier.com website wrote on a recently published article:
“10 things hoteliers should be doing on Facebook but probably aren’t”
At number two came:

2. Promote your visual identity through video Photos are great but there’s nothing that sells a hotel more than watching a good video, so promote your hotel through video on your Facebook page. Create general videos or niche-specific videos and use Youtube to host and share them on your page, alternatively you can upload them directly. Videos will also get more hits for your hotel in search engines as they also appear in results.